Book - A Coconut Named Bob

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Book - A Coconut Named Bob

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Children's Book
A Coconut Named Bob

A heartwarming story of a little boy and his
friendship with a coconut named Bob. This
little boy took Bob everywhere with him...
until one sunny day, while sailing with the
little boy and the little boy's father, Bob
was washed overboard during a storm.
At this point, the story is told from the
view of "Bob" the coconut. It uncovers Bob's
journey from floating in the ocean, to landing on
the shores of a remote island that he makes
his new home.
A unique tale that explores the possibility
that all living things have a connection.
This tale has an unexpected, uplifting ending
that will touch the heart of all ages.

The most unique aspect of A Coconut Named Bob
is that it was written by Austin Weaver when
he was just thirteen years old. Now sixteen,
he is a published author and is residing in
Colorado Springs.

Illustrated by Don Robinson - Hardcover, 28 pages
Measures approximately 9" x 10"

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