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Royal Hawaiian Perfumes SCNT

Royal Hawaiian Perfumes SCNT

Item #: RH.PERF
Your Price:  $6.99

Royal Hawaiian Perfume .22 oz
Made in Hawaii

Enticingly subtle, these roll-on dabbers capture
the essence of island femininity with a signature
scent of Hawai'i.

Royal Hawaiian Perfumes are packaged in an elegant gift box.

Four fragrances to choose from:
Gardenia, Pikake, Plumeria or Tuberose

Gardenia ~ With its creamy white petals, lush green
leaves, the Gardenia is famous for its uniquely romantic,
exotic fragrance.

Pikake ~ Also known as Jasmine and recognized as the
Hawaiian wedding flower. The Pikake has a petite blossom
and abundant fragrance, making it one of the most popular
flowers of Hawai'i.

Plumeria ~ Known as Frangipani, the Plumeria is iconic to
Hawaiian culture. Its traditionally worn behind the ear
of wahine and used for tropical flower lei.

Tuberose ~ Commonly known as a lily, is reminiscent of a
romantic bouquet of honey-scented roses.

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