Book - Honu and Hina

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Book - Honu and Hina

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Honu and Hina
A Story of Coexistence

Honu and Hina is a story with history, culture
and conservation ideas about coexisting with
animals. Honu is a green sea turtle and Hina is
a Hawaiian monk seal. Learn about the dangers they
face in a modern Hawaii filled with humans and the
threat of extinction. We all need to do our part
and take care of each other and the animals
around us.

About the author/illustrator
Patrick Ching is an internationally
known wildlife artist who spent years of his life
as a wildlife ranger, living among seals and turtles
on the remote Northwestern Hawaiian Islands now known
as Papahanaumokuakea.

Size: 8-3/4" x 11-1/4"
Pages: 36
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